Table of Content for: Federal Board > Class 12 > Biology (Total Videos: ). Take Practice Test (Book Level). Chapter Respiration. Respiratory System. Federal Textbook Board. Islamabad as. GRADE BIOLOGY. Textbook of Biology Grade - 12 is developed according to the National Curriculum Class 12 Biology notes according to FBISE syllabus. Contains solved exercises, MCQs, terminology, important board questions and chapter overview.

Biology Book For Class 12 Federal Board

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FEDERAL BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION subsequently promoted to class-XII in August shall be The book to be published by National Book Foundation, Islamabad may BIOLOGY. The Federal Ministry of Education, Islamabad aspired to review the National Curriculum for The National Curriculum Development Team for Biology for grades IX-XII was National Curriculum for Secondary and Higher Secondary Classes, India . teach this curriculum and the textbooks prepared based on it, will discuss. English Notes Class 1st Year Unit # “Dental Hygiene” FA/FSc Part-I, in: BIOLOGY 12TH. Leave a comment. Views. Dear Students, In this section I have uploaded Biology Notes for – II i.e. 2nd Year Students. of Pakistan including Federal Board, Pindi Board, Punjab board and.

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Chapter 14 - Respiration Exercise Key Points. Chapter 15 - Homeostasis Exercise Key Points. Chapter 19 - Behaviour Exercise Key Points.

Chapter 20 - Reproduction Exercise Key Points. Chapter 22 - Inheritance Exercise Key Points.

Take Practice Test Book Level. Chapter Respiration Respiratory System of Man 11 videos Transport of Gases 5 videos Respiratory Disorder 7 videos Total Sections: Homeostasis Mechanism of Homeostasis 2 videos Osmoregulation 4 videos Excretion 3 videos Excretory system of Man 12 videos Disorders of Urinary Tract 11 videos Total Sections: Support and Movement Human Skeleton 11 videos Disorders of Skeleton 8 videos Muscles 17 videos Total Sections: Nervous Coordination Steps involved in Nervous Coordination 4 videos Neurons 5 videos Nerve Impluse 1 videos Synapse 1 videos Basic Organization of Human Nervous sys 12 videos.

Total Sections: Chemical Coordination Hormones- The Chemical Messengers 2 videos Endocrine System of Man 9 videos Total Sections: Behaviour The Nature of Behaviour 2 videos Innate Behaviour 3 videos Learning 2 videos Social Behaviour 2 videos Total Sections: Reproduction Reproductive System of Man 9 videos Disorders of Reproductive System 0 videos Total Sections: Development and Aging Embryonic Development 5 videos Control of Development 5 videos Human Embryonic Development 1 videos Birth And Nursing 0 videos Disorders During Embryonic Development 0 videos.

Inheritance Mendelian Inheritance 5 videos Exceptions to Mendelian Inheritance 6 videos Reproduction View More.

Animal Husbandry 0 videos Chapter 14 - Respiration Exercise Key Points. Not allowed to copy videos without a written permission from Sabaq Foundation.

Blood Group Systems 3 videos Take Practice Test Book Level. Support and Movement Pin It on Pinterest.

Mendelian Inheritance 5 videos