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Hardly a background, one would think, for a later literary career.

He went on to download a chain of hotels in Nebraska, but in met financial reverses and had to take employment once more as a hotel manager in Chicago during the World's Fair of Then he went back to Boston and started over again. When he first met Samual Smiles is not disclosed, but the English writer became his first literary hero and inspired much that Marden wrote and accomplished.

Smiles's Self-Help, which he had found in an attic and read, did much in the shaping of his career. He once wrote, "The little book was the friction which wakened the spark sleeping in the flint.

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On his return to Boston, he began to try to put together his ideas, particularly concerning optimism, which was to be a central theme in his writings -- incidentally also a central theme in New Thought. Whilst most of his books make little or no mention of religion, some do.

Marden was rather a writer of essentially New Thought faith than a writer technically on New Thought as such.

He simply thought he was a sheep, and would run at the sight of a dog and tremble at the howl of a wolf. Now he was amazed to see the dogs, the wolves, and other animals which formerly had so terrified him flee from him. I am only a sheep, and just like other sheep. I cannot do what they cannot do.

But for the roar of the lion on the distant hill, which had aroused the sleeping lion within him, he would have continued living the life of a sheep and perhaps would never have known that there was a lion in him. The roar of the lion had not added anything to his strength, had not put new power into him; it had merely aroused in him what was already there, simply revealed to him the power he already possessed. There is in every normal human being a sleeping lion. It is just a question of arousing it, just a question of something happening that will awaken us, stir the depths of our being, and arouse the sleeping power within us.

Orison Swett Marden

Just as the young lion, after it had once discovered that it was a lion would never again be satisfied to live the life of a sheep, when we discover that we are more than mere clay, when we at last become conscious that we are more than human, that we are gods in the making, we shall never again be satisfied to live the life of common clods of earth. We shall feel a new sense of power welling up within us, a power which we never before dreamed we possessed, and never be quite the same again, never again be content with low-flying ideals, with a cheap success.

Often, too, she would detect a strange, far-off look in its eyes which she could not understand.

The foster mother and her adopted lived very happily together, until one day a magnificent lion appeared, sharply outlined against the sky, on the top of an opposite hill. He shook his tawny mane and uttered a terrific roar, which echoed through the hills.

The sheep mother stood trembling, paralyzed with fear. But the moment this strange sound reached his ears, the lion cub listened as though spellbound, and a strange feeling which he had never before experienced surged through his being until he was all a-quiver.

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It aroused a new force within him which he had never felt before. New desires, a strange new consciousness of power possessed him.

Trembling with mingled fear, surprise and bewilderment at the new powers aroused within him, the awakened animal gave his foster mother a pathetic glance, and then, with a tremendous leap, started toward the lion on the hill. The lost lion had found himself.

Orison Swett Marden

Up to this he had gamboled around his sheep mother just as though he were a lamb developing into a sheep, never dreaming he could do anything that his companions could not do, or that he had any more strength than the ordinary sheep.Often, too, she would detect a strange, far-off look in its eyes which she could not understand.

The sheep became very fond of her foundling, which in a short while grew so much larger than herself that at times she was almost afraid of it.

The lost lion had found himself. You have him at hand.

It aroused a new force within him which he had never felt before.