THE OPAL DECEPTION Artemis Fowl Book 04 Eoin Colfer After his last run-in with the fairies, Artemis Fowl had his mind. After his last run-in with the fairies, Artemis Fowl had his mind wiped 4. Reconnaissance and Retrieval teams swan about aboveground taking all the glory. of the Fairy Book's commandments, but dwarfs had extraordinary gifts granted. Artemis Fowl · THE ARCTIC Incident · The Eternity Code · The Opal Deception · The Lost Colony · The Time Paradox · The Atlantis Complex · The Last Gaurdian .

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PDF | Alleen Pace Nilsen and others published Artemis Fowl, An Irish Rogue. Over the last ve years, the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl has 53 entries in the series. Artemis Fowl (Series). Book 4. Eoin Colfer Author Nathaniel Parker Narrator (). cover image of Artemis Fowl and . 8Xy7Tg2Rd - Read and download Eoin Colfer's book Artemis Fowl:: Books in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free book Artemis Fowl:: Books by.

Of course, if. Was this entire trip a charade? Did the commander already have her report written? They touched down on Seal Beach, which was remarkably devoid of seals or sand. The shuttle had a second skin of plasma screens that projected the surroundings on to the craft's outer plates.

To the casual observer, when Trouble Kelp popped the hatch, it would seem like a door in the sky. Holly and Trouble hopped out on to the pebbles, scurrying forward to avoid the jet wash. Root opened a porthole. I'm going to start crying presently. Soon as you're over the horizon. Root gunned the engine, taking off over the hillside in a low, looping arc.

All that was visible of the craft was a faint translucent shimmer. Holly found that she was suddenly cold. Haven was completely air-conditioned, and her traffic suit did not have heating coils. She noticed Captain Kelp adjusting the thermostat on his computer. I've already passed my initiation. Trouble grimaced ruefully. And I was the best in the group. Commander Root moves quickly for an old-timer, plus he has a couple of million ingots worth of hardware at his disposal.

And once this camera starts rolling, I can't even talk to you any more. Julius won't waste any time, so neither should you. Make use of jour environment, the manuals said.


Use what nature provides. That maxim wasn't much good to her here. The pebble beach was bordered by a steep rock face on two sides, with a steep mudslide incline on the third. It was the only way out, and she'd better take it before the commander had time to set himself up at the top.

She double-timed it towards the slope, determined to make it out of this exercise with her self-respect intact. Something shimmered in the corner of Holly's eye. She stopped in her tracks. Trouble looked across the pebble beach. A sheet of cam foil. Someone is hiding on the beach.

Do you have a little back-up in case the corporal proves a bit quick for the old-timers? Captain Kelp was quick on the draw.

He actually managed to get his weapon out of its holster before a sniper's rifle pulsed beneath the cam foil, catching him high on the shoulder, spinning him across the wet stones.

Holly darted right, zigzagging through the rocks.

If she kept moving, the sniper might not be able to get a lock on her. Her fingers were actually digging into the mud slope when a second sniper reared up from the earth, shrugging off a sheet of cam foil. The newcomer, a stocky dwarf, was holding the biggest rifle Holly had ever seen.

He fired and the laser pulse hit Holly in the gut like a sledgehammer. That's the thing about Neutrino weapons: they don't kill, but they hurt worse than a bucket of hangnails. Holly came to, and immediately wished she hadn't. She leaned forward on the oversized chair she was tied to, and threw up all over her boots. Beside her, Trouble Kelp was involved in the same activity.

What was going on here? Laser weapons were not supposed to have side effects, unless you were allergic, which she wasn't.

Glancing around, Holly caught her breath.

They were in a small roughly plastered room, dominated by a huge table. A huge table or a human-sized table? They were in a human residence? That explained the sickness. Entering human residences without permission was expressly forbidden. The price for ignoring this edict was loss of magic, and nausea.

The details of their predicament sparked in Holly's memory. She had been on her initiation when a couple of fairies had ambushed them on the beach.

Could this be some kind of extreme test? She looked across at Captain Kelp's drooping head. That was pretty realistic for a test. A huge door creaked open and a grinning elf stepped through.

Sorcery sickness, or Book Barfing as I believe the younger fairies call it. Don't worry, it will soon pass. It was like something out of a period movie. The elf caught Holly's glance. It is the curse of living without magic. Everything fades, and not just the clothing.

To look in my eyes you would never guess that I am barely a century older than my brother. Holly heard a sharp intake of breath. Turnball Root. This was the commander's brother. Turnball was delighted. I was beginning to think I was forgotten. It said that if your brother had not stopped you with your finger on the button, then half the city could have been lost. There would have been no chain reaction. A few hundred would have died, no more. Turnball's chest puffed up.

I am not a common criminal. Luckily, Julius lacked the gumption to kill me, and so I managed to escape.

He has hunted me ever since. But that ends today. Julius is like a dog with a bone. He will not let go. I need a chance to finish my Martinis without looking over my shoulder. I have had ninety-six residences in the past five centuries. I lived in a fabulous villa near Nice in the seventeen hundreds.

I can still smell the ocean. I had to burn that house to the ground because of Julius. Turnball noticed the motion. I have been tying people up for centuries. It is one of the first skills you learn as a fugitive. And well done, by the way. A female at an initiation. I bet my little brother doesn't like that. He was always a bit on the sexist side. I expect help from the pretty one. All I expect from you is a little screaming before you die.

Commander Root's brother called them into the room for a round of introductions. The dwarf's name was Bobb, and he wore a wide-brimmed sombrero to keep the sun off his delicate dwarf skin. Bobb made his big mistake when he dug into a community centre during a police fundraiser. He's been hiding out on the surface since then.

We make a good team: I plan, he steals. Where the sprite's wings should be, there were two bulbous knobs of scar tissue. He was clinically dead when I found him. I gave him the last shot of magic I had to bring him back, and to this day I don't know if he loves me or hates me for it. Loyal though. This fairy here would walk into the Earth's core for me. These two fairies were the ones who had picked off Holly and Trouble on the pebble beach. Turnball ripped Holly's nametag from her chest.

We are going to use Corporal Short here to lure Julius in. If you try to warn him, then the captain dies in terrible agony. I have a Tunnel Blue spider in my bag that will rip his insides apart in seconds. And having entered a human dwelling, he won't have a drop of magic to ease that pain. For your part, all you have to do is sit in a clearing and wait for Julius to come and get you. When he does, then we get him.

The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl #4) by Eoin Colfer

It's that simple. Unix and Bobb will accompany you. I will wait here for the happy moment when Julius is dragged through that door. He propelled her through the giant doorway, into the morning sunlight. Holly breathed deeply. The air was sweet here, but there wasn't a moment to pause and enjoy it.

She would get another laser burst, this time in the back. She would not run. Not yet. What she would do was think and plan. They dragged and prodded Holly across two fields that sloped southwards to the cliffs. The grass was sparse and rough, like clumps of missed beard after a shave. Flocks of gulls, terns and cormorants appeared over the cliff line like fighter jets climbing to cruising altitude.

Down past a thicket rampant with wildlife, Bobb stopped beside a low rock erupting through the earth. Just big enough to shelter one fairy from an easterly approach. Once she was down, Unix clamped a manacle round her leg, hammering the spike on the other end into the earth. They pulled sheets of cam foil from their packs, draping them over their frames. In seconds all that could be seen were two black-eyed gun barrels poking from beneath the sheets. It was a simple plan.

But extremely clever. If the commander found Holly, it would seem as though she were setting herself up for an ambush. Just not a very good one. The second he showed himself, Unix and Bobb could nail him with rifle fire. There must be some way to warn the commander without endangering Trouble.

Holly chewed it over.

Nature was providing plenty, but unfortunately she couldn't reach any of it. If she even tried, then Bobb and Unix would stun her with a low-level charge, without having to alter the basic structure of their plan.

There was nothing much on her own person either. Unix had searched her from head to toe, even confiscating the digi-pen in her pocket in case she used it as a weapon. The only thing they missed was the wafer-thin computer on her wrist, which was shorted out anyway. Holly lowered her arm behind the rock, peeling back the Velcro patch that protected her computer from the elements.

She flipped the tiny instrument over. It seemed as though hydrogel had seeped into the seal, shorting out the electrics. She slid off the battery panel, checking the circuit board inside.

A tiny drop of gel was sitting on the board, straddling several switches, making connections where there shouldn't be any. Holly plucked a blade of coarse grass, using it to scoop up the drop.

In less than a minute the remaining film of gel had evaporated and the tiny computer hummed into action. Holly quickly blacked out the panel on her chest, in case Bobb or Unix spotted the flashing cursor. So, now she had a computer. If she only had her helmet then she could send the commander an e-mail.

As it was, all she could do was run some text across her chest. Northern Peninsula. Julius Root was surprised to find that he was breathing hard. There was a time when he could have run all day without breaking a sweat, and now his heart was battering his ribcage after a mere two-mile jog.

He had parked the shuttle on a foggy cliff top on the island's northern peak. Of course, the fog was artificial, generated by a compressor bolted on to the shuttle's exhaust.

The shuttle's projection shield was still in operation, the fog was merely a backup. Root ran low, bent almost double. A hunter's run. As he moved he felt the primal joy that only surface air could bring. The sea crashed on all sides; an ever-present behemoth, a reminder of the Earth's power.

Commander Julius Root was never happier than when he was on the hunt above ground. Strictly speaking, he could have delegated these initiations, but he wouldn't give up these excursions until the first rookie beat him. It hadn't happened yet. Nearly two hours later the commander paused, taking a deep swallow from a canteen. This hunt would have been much easier with a pair of mechanical wings, but in the name of fair play he had left the wings on their rack in the shuttle.

He would not have anyone claim that he had beaten them with superior equipment. Root had searched all the obvious sites, and had yet to find Corporal Short.

Holly had not been on the beach, or in the old quarry. Neither had she been perched in a treetop in the evergreen wood.

Perhaps she was smarter than the average cadet. She would need to be. For a female to survive in Recon, she would have to rise above a lot of suspicion and prejudice. Not that the commander was tempted to cut her any slack. He would treat her with the same brash disdain that all his subordinates pot.

Until thev earned something better. Root continued his search, senses alert to any change in his surroundings that could indicate he himself was being tracked.

The two hundred or so species of birds that nested on Tern Mr's crags were unusually active. Gulls screeched at him from overhead, crows followed his movements, and Julius even spotted an eagle spying at him from the heavens. All this noise made it more difficult for him to concentrate, but the distraction would be even worse for Corporal Short. Root jogged up a shallow incline towards the human dwelling.

Short could not be inside the actual dwelling itself, but she could be using it for cover. The commander hugged the thicket, his dull green LEP jumpsuit blending with the foliage. Julius heard something up ahead. An irregular scraping. The noise of material against rock. He froze, then slowly twisted his way into the foliage itself.

A disgruntled rabbit turned tail, wriggling deeper into the hedgerow. Root ignored the brambles dragging at his elbows, inching forward towards the source of the noise. It could be nothing, but on the other hand it could be everything. It turned out to be everything.

From his shelter inside the thicket, Root could clearly see Holly hunkered behind a large rock.

It wasn't a particularly clever hiding place. She was sheltered from an easterly approach, but otherwise she was wide open. Captain Kelp was not visible, possibly filming from a raised vantage point.

Root sighed. He was surprised to find that he was disappointed. It would have been nice to have a girl around the place. Someone new to shout at. Julius drew his paintball pistol, poking the barrel through spirals of briar branches.

He would tag her a couple of times just to make an impression. Short had better wake up and do better if she ever wanted the Recon insignia on her lapel. There was no need for Root to use the sights on his helmet.

It was an easy shot, barely twenty feet. And even if it hadn't been, Root would not have used his visor. Short didn't have electronic sights, so he wouldn't use them either. This would give him even more to shout about after the failed initiation. Then Holly turned in the direction of the thicket. She still couldn't see him, but he could see her.

And even more importantly, he could read the words scrolling across her chest. Commander Root drew his gun barrel back into the thicket, retreating into the blackness of the overgrowth. Root battled to contain his emotions. Turnball was back. And he was here. How was it possible?

All the old feelings quickly resurfaced, lodging in the commander's stomach. Turnball was his brother, and a nub of affection for him still remained. But the overriding emotion was sadness. Turnball had betrayed the People, and had been willing to see many of them die for his own profit. He had allowed his brother to escape once before, he would not let it happen again. Root wiggled backwards through the thicket, then activated his helmet.

He tried establishing a link with Police Plaza, but all he got on the helmet radio was white noise. Turnball must have detonated a jammer.

Turnball may control the airwaves, but he could not control the air itself. And any living thing would heat the air. Root lowered a thermal filter on his visor and began a slow grid search of the area behind Corporal Short. The commander's search did not take too long.

Two red slits shone like beacons among the pale pink of insect and rodent life teeming under the field's surface. The slits were probably caused by a body-heat leakage from underneath two sheets of cam foil. Lying in wait for him. These fairies were not professional.

Artemis Fowl 4 - The Opal Deception

If they had been, they would have kept their gun barrels beneath the sheet until they were needed, thus eliminating the overspill. Root holstered his paintball pistol, drawing instead a Neutrino Usually in combat situations he carried a tri-barrelled water-cooled blaster, but he hadn't been expecting combat.

He berated himself silently. Combat does not arrange itself around schedules. The commander circled round behind the snipers, then put two bursts into them from a distance. This may not be the most sporting course of action, but it was definitely the most prudent. By the time the snipers regained consciousness they would be shackled to each other in the back of a police shuttle. If by some chance he had stunned two innocents, then there would be no lasting after effects.

Commander Root trotted to the first hide, drawing back the sheet of cam foil. There was a dwarf in the hollow beneath. An ugly little spud. Root recognized him from his Wanted sheet. Bobb Ragby. A nasty character. Just the kind of dim-witted felon Turnball would recruit to his cause. Root kneeled by the dwarf, disarming him and zipping plasti-cuffs round his wrists and ankles. He quickly crossed the fifty metres to the second sniper-hide.

Another well-known fugitive: Unix B'Lob. The grounded sprite. He had beenTurnball's right-hand fairy for decades now. Root grinned tightly as he bound the unconscious sprite. Even these two would be a good day's work.

But the day wasn't over yet. Holly was surreptitiously worming the spike from the ground when Root arrived. I got your text. Well done. Root used an Omnitool to pop open the shackle. We are now in a combat situation, with a hostile and presumably armed opponent. He has threatened to feed him a Tunnel Blue spider if anything goes wrong with the plan.

If we do, not only are we disorientated, but the arrest won't be legal. Turnball is clever. Even if we did outsmart his goons, we couldn't take the house. We could do that. The cottage was in a hollow, surrounded by silver birch trees. The commander scratched his chin. I need to get a clean shot through one of the windows.

One chance may be all we get. You're not licensed for weapons.

Captain Kelp's life is at stake here, so I need steady fingers on the trigger. And even if you did bag Turnball, it would blow our entire case. If Turnball gets me, then go back to the shuttle and activate the distress signal.

Artemis Fowl 4 - The Opal Deception

If help doesn't arrive and you see Turnball coming, then set the self-destruct. Set the self-destruct, then wait for the Retrieval Squad. And when I get nervous I tend to fire people. Get the message? Message understood, sir. Halfway down the hill, he buzzed up his shield, becoming all but invisible to the naked eye.

When a fairy shielded, he vibrated so quickly that the eyes could not capture an image of him. Of course, Root would have to turn off his shield to take the shot at his brother, but that need not be until the last moment. Root could taste metal filings in the air, doubtless left over from the radio jammer that Turnball had detonated earlier. He stepped carefully over the uneven terrain until the front windows of the house were clearly visible. The curtains were open, but there was no sign of Turnball or Captain Kelp.

Round the back then. Hugging the wall, the commander crept along the cracked flagstone path to the rear of the cottage. Trees lined both sides of a narrow unkempt yard. And there, perched on a stool on the flagstone patio, was his brother, Turnball, face lifted to the morning sun without a care in the world. Root's breath caught and his step faltered. His only brother. Flesh of his flesh. For a single moment, the commander imagined what it would be like to embrace his brother and wash away the past, but the moment quickly passed.

It was too late for reconciliation. Fairies had almost died, and still could. Root raised his weapon, training the barrel on his brother. It was a ridiculously easy shot for even a mediocre marksman. He could not believe that his brother had been stupid enough to expose himself in this way. As he crept closer, Julius was saddened by how old Turnball looked. There was barely a century between them, and yet his older brother looked as though he had barely enough energy to stand.

Longevity was part of fairy magic, and without magic, time had taken a premature hold on Turnball. How can you live without her?

Why don't you unshield? I haven't seen your face for so long. Just don't speak to me. You're a convict-to-be, that's all. Nothing more. You don't look well. High blood pressure. No doubt brought on by hunting for me. You look like a rug that's been beaten once too often. And still wearing the old LEP uniform, I see. We don't have ruffled collars any more, Turnball. If you were still a captain, you'd know that. After all this time. Take me away. What are you up to? They are such barbarians.

I want to go home, even if it is to a cell. You have obviously dispatched my helpers, so what choice do I have? He dropped the thermal filter in his visor and saw that there was only one other fairy in the dwelling. Someone tied in a sitting position. That must be Captain Kelp. Root decided to leave himself an ace in the hole, in case he needed it. That's another charge you will have to answer for. I only have one life to spend in captivity. You'd better hurry up and arrest me, Julius. Because if you don't, I may go back inside the house.

It was obvious that Turnball had something planned. And he would probably make his move when Julius zipped on the cuffs. Then again he couldn't make a move if he was unconscious. Without a word of warning, the commander hit his brother with a low-level charge. Just enough to knock him out for a few moments. Turnball slumped backwards, a surprised look on his face. Root holstered his Neutrino and hurried towards his brother.

He wanted Turnball trussed like a solstice turkey when he came to. Julius took three steps, then he didn't feel so well. A pounding headache landed on him like a lead weight from a height. Sweat popped from every pore and his sinuses were instantly blocked. Root dropped to his knees, then all fours. He felt like throwing up, then sleeping for eight hours. His bones had turned to jelly and his head weighed a tonne.

Every breath sounded amplified and distant. The commander stayed in that position for over a minute, completely helpless. A kitten could have knocked him over and stolen his wallet. He could only watch as Turnball regained consciousness, shook his head to dislodge the afterbuzz, then began to smile slowly. Turnball rose, towering above his helpless brother. All he could do was try to marshal his thoughts. It was too late for his body: that had betrayed him.

I am better than you in every way, and you can't handle it. Root managed two words: 'You're insane. I am fed up of running away from my own brother. The whole thing is too melodramatic. So, much as it pains me to do it, I am going to take your edge away from you. I am going to take your magic.

Then you will be like me. I've already started, would you like to know how? He pressed a button, and glass walls shimmered into view all round the brothers. They were no longer outside in the garden, they were inside a conservatory.

Root had entered through open double doors. That is against the rules of our religion. You do that a few more times, and your magic will be gone forever. He had waltzed into Turnball's trap, like a raw recruit two days out of the Academy. His brother had rigged a few sheets of cam foil and some projectors to disguise the conservatory, and he had fallen for it.

His only hope now was Holly Short. And if Turnball had outwitted Captain Kelp and himself, what chance did a girl have? Turnball grabbed Root by the scruff of the neck, dragging him towards the house.

Holly watched the commander's capture from the ridge. When Root went down, she jumped to her feet and sprinted down the hillside, fully prepared to disobey her orders and go to the commander's aid. Then the conservatory shimmered into view, stopping Holly in her tracks.

She would be of no use inside the house boundaries, unless she could somehow save the commander by vomiting. There had to be another way. Holly turned, crawling back uphill on all fours, digging her fingers into the earth, dragging herself towards the wood. Once undercover, she activated the locator in the shuttle's starter chip.

Her orders were to return to the craft and send a distress signal. Eventually it would penetrate the jammer's waffle. Though by then, it would probably be too late. She ran across the wild fields, scutch grass grabbing at her boots.

Birds circled overhead, their desperate cackling somehow echoing her own mood. The wind pushed in her face, slowing her pace. Even nature seemed to be against the LEP on this day. The locator beep led her across a thigh-high stream. The freezing waters slashed through gaps in Holly's suit, pouring over her legs.

She ignored it, and a trout the size of her arm who seemed very interested in the material of her suit. She battled on, over a humansized stile and up a steep hill. Low-lying fog sat on the hilltop like whipped cream on a wedge of cake. Holly could smell the fog before she reached it. It was chemical. The shuttle was obviously inside the cloud bank. With the last vestiges of her strength, Holly batted aside sheets of clinging fake fog, remote activating the shuttle door.

She collapsed inside, lying prone on the bay doors for a brief moment, drawing in huge breaths. Then she clambered to her feet and slapped the emergency button on the dash, activating the emergency beam.

The beam icon winked on, followed by a huge anti-climax. All Holly could do was sit there watching failure messages flash on to the plasma screen. Here she was, sitting on millions of ingots' worth of technology, and her orders were to do nothing. Captain Kelp and Commander Root were in mortal danger, and her orders were to twiddle her thumbs. If she flew the shuttle she would be in breach of a direct order, and her career in Recon was over before it began.

Koboi then kills Commander Root by using a 30 centimeter metal box packed with explosive gel and covered in stealth ore framing Captain Holly Short as the murderer by blocking the LEP camera and changing the video to Holly shooting her commander , and launches a bio-bomb at Artemis Fowl , which fails to kill him and his bodyguard Domovoi Butler because Butler jumps from the three-story hotel with Artemis.

Artemis Fowl was mindwiped in the third book of the series, Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code and has no memory of meeting the fairies. This has also caused him to revert to his former self - the one cruel enough to kidnap a fairy.

But he has a conscience that he chooses not to listen to. Artemis is rescued from the scene of the bio-bomb attack by Holly. She tells him who she is, in hopes to ignite his memory. He does not regain his memories of the past adventures but agrees to help her for a fee. They are then recaptured by Koboi and thrown into a troll -infested abandoned fairy theme park known as the "Eleven Wonders of the Human World" containing scale-models not only of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World but also the additions of Abu Simbel , Borobodur , Rapa Nui and the Throne Hall at Persepolis.

After a desperate battle against the troll hordes on a model of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, they are rescued by former criminal Mulch Diggums and Butler. Holly and Artemis become friends "bonded by trauma" and Artemis says he feels that he doesn't need money to help a friend. Opal then proceeds with her plan to help renowned Italian billionaire environmentalist Giovanni Zito send a probe downward by mesmerising him that she is his pampered adopted daughter Belinda Zito, which, according to Koboi's plan, will cause the humans to find the fairies and start an inter-species war, leading to fairy genocide.

After being rescued, Mulch gives Artemis the disk that had been passed off as a gold medallion, which Butler was given earlier in the book.

Artemis views the disk and regains his memories. He is overcome with the guilt of what he had done to the fairies but to Holly the most and for the first time, he apologizes for kidnapping her. He realises that Holly, Butler, and Mulch were the only friends he had. Together, the four friends take on Opal Koboi, knowing that they are the only ones that know she's escaped. It becomes a more difficult task with the LEP on their tail, who still thinks Holly is the one who killed the Commander.

The new Commander refuses to believe anything, despite the fact that everyone knows Root was like a father to Holly.Did the commander already have her report written? Beside her, Trouble Kelp was involved in the same activity.

Make sure you are not being watched. It's against regulations. She had been on her initiation when a couple of fairies had ambushed them on the beach. To look in my eyes you would never guess that I am barely a century older than my brother. For your part, all you have to do is sit in a clearing and wait for Julius to come and get you.