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Occupational English Test Book

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Our free sample tests are a great OET preparation material. download official OET preparation material for your profession, including practice books, an online. The Occupational English Test (OET) is the exam of choice for healthcare professionals seeking to expand their career globally. This Preparation Book provides. Occupational English Test (OET) assesses the language and communication skills of qualified healthcare professionals who wish to register and practise in an .

These ar OET 2. Reading and Listening sections got major changes. Is it compulsory that I shall write exactly the same what the recordings say?

In most of the cases, yes, it is necessary. However, in Just One Day Before OET Exam At times, you may think you wasted your time and procrastinated a lot, ultimately there is only one day left in front of you to face your real exam. After all, if you start at least two weeks prior to your exam is best.

In case that did not happened and you are out with only one day.

Here ar There will be two role-plays. The interviewer or interlocutor will play the role of the patient or the client and you will be taking your professional role.

OET for nurses, dietitians, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors and other healt Your score is assessed taking into account five major factors. There are basically five criteria.

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In order to master the reading test, you should follow some of the effective tips which are mentioned below. These tips will help you score the best in your OET reading test.

Eliminating the wrong options - You can go thr This is the complete list of the organizations, universities, institutes which value OET score. It is accepted by government bodies, organizations, universities in Australia, New Zeala Are you keen to practice in the United Kingdom? You can do it. Want to know why you should take OET? Occupational English test is an international English test which identifies English language skills of the health care experts who look forward to practicing in English-speaking country like Australia, Yes, there are plenty of choices but selecting and taking the right test is very important.

Select the test as per your goal. What is your goal of taking the test? Which test shall you take? Tips to Score OET 2. You need to prepare yourself for it. For many candidates, listening test is very complicated. They just do not understand what is needed to be done in order to get Focus on test strategy and your English language skills 2.

OET Preparation Book

But when you are attempting an OET then preparation is compulsory. In this article, we will discuss tips of overcoming the fear of OET 2. From the September , OET sub-test reading This article here will give pharmacists tips for OET 1. In the speaking section of the test questions will be related to the profession.

Occupational English Test (OET)

For pharmacists, the questions wi It is the test of how good you are at English, test of your command over the language. It is accepted in various countries as a proof of English proficiency. By getting thro Tips to Score Higher in OET Test for Doctors In competitive exams, to qualify is not the only objective, scoring higher with a great average is equally important and this article will try to address some tips to score higher in OET for Doctors.

Before taking OET Exam, you shall know of some very important things.

Occupational English Test (OET)

OET is not medical-knowledge assessment. It is a language test. As a medical professional you may presume it could be easy as you are expert in your medical fie Top 7 Mistakes In OET Writing Sub Test Writing sub-test is OET is not going to be a piece of cake for you especially, if you're someone who is not good at writing or someone who is not aware of what is required to get through it.

The way you structure your write-up matters a lot. Here, we have covered top seven mistakes which They nurture this unknown fear which further crushes down their Medical professionals who would like to embark on great career-enhancing opportunities really need to take OET 2. Taking the test, they will be able t Want to get good score in OET 2. You take this part of OET using materials specifically for your profession.

In each role-play, you take your professional role e. There is one task set for each profession based on a typical workplace situation and the demands of the profession — a nurse does the task for nursing, a dentist does the task for dentistry, and so on. The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter.

Sometimes a different type of letter is required: e. You will receive a Statement of Results which shows your grade for each of the four sub-tests, from A highest to E lowest. Each of the four sub-tests is assessed in a specific way. You can see an overview of your latest test grades via your online profile on the OET website, approximately 16 business days after each test day.

Official, hard copy Statements of Results are mailed within ten business days of the publication of results in online profiles. The Statement of Results shows the scores obtained at the most recent sitting, as well as scores for all sittings within the last two years.

Results for the four sub-tests that make up the OET are reported as one of five grades — A highest to E lowest. Answer booklets are assigned at random to avoid any conflict of interest. Your answer sheet for Reading Part B is computer scanned and automatically scored.

Listening and Reading Assessors use a detailed marking guide which sets out which answers receive marks and how the marks are counted. Assessors use this guide to decide for each question whether you have provided enough correct information to be given the mark or marks available.To check when the next OET exam will take place in the country you are living in, please follow the link below: The OET can be taken each month in every location it is currently available.

The Speaking sub-test is marked independently by a minimum of two trained Assessors.

OET helps you develop language skills for success in your career. Download audio.

Toggle navigation. Yes, it is going to be tough for you provided you follow basic things and make use of standard tips which can come in handy during your test. The Listening sub-test consists of two parts, with approximately question items.

Want to know why you should take OET?