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In other words, users from within this company can find all of their resources without having to go outside of the company. An intranet can include LANs, private WANs and MANs, Extranet An extranet is an extended intranet, where certain internal services are made available to known external users or external business partners at remote locations. Internet An internet is used when unknown external users need to access internal resources in your network.

In other words, your company might have a web site that sells various products, and you want any external user to be able to access this service. A VPN is used to provide a secure connection across a public network, such as an internet.

Extranets typically use a VPN to provide a secure connection between a company and its known external users or offices. Authentication is provided to validate the identities of the two peers. Confidentiality provides encryption of the data to keep it private from prying eyes.

Integrity is used to ensure that the data sent between the two devices or sites has not been tampered with. Benefits of networking There are lots of advantages from build up a network, but the three big facts are- File Sharing From sharing files you can view, modify, and copy files stored on a different computer on the network just as easily as if they were stored on your computer.

Program Sharing Just as you can share files on a network, you can often also share program on a network. For example, if you have the right type of software license, you can have a shared copy of Microsoft Office, or some other program, and keep it on the network server, from where it is also run. Network Host A network host or simply referred to as a host can be any computer or network device connected to the computer network.

This computer can be a terminal or a web server offering services to its clients. Network Protocol A network protocol or just referred to as protocol is a set of rules and conventions that are necessary for the communication between two network devices.

For example, two computers on a network can communicate only if they agree to follow the protocols. The following are some of the most widely referred network protocols: Internet Protocol IP Address An Internet Protocol address IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device e. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Its role has been characterized as follows: A name indicates what we seek.

An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there. IP addresses are binary numbers, but they are usually stored in text files and displayed in human-readable notations, such as A typical example of private IP address would be something like: An example public IP address would be something like: Once a computer is on the ISP network it will be assigned a public IP address using which the communication with the Internet is made possible.

Finding your public IP is extremely simple. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to exchange messages between the server. Telnet Telnet is a network protocol that allows you to connect to remote hosts on the Internet or on a local network.

It requires a telnet client software to implement the protocol using which the connection is established with the remote computer. In Hydra, the username can be user or admin or maybe person, the username is a single word usually and passwordlist is a file that its containing possible passwords and target indicates the IP address and port. And the last step is using Hydra to hack passwords like in the following example: Useful Hydra dictionary: Brutus is one of the most used tools for password hacking because recent studies are showing that its the most flexible and the fastest tool used in this type of hacking, only works on Windows system and it is on market since October, and it is totally free.

This tool is capable to check approximately passwords per minute if the network connectivity is good, but before you start using it take a close look to the commands because this is a command line tool and try to learn them. Wfuzz is also a tool used by password hackers with brute force, you can use it to discover hidden sources such as scripts and servlets. Wfuzz is a little bit different. Why to choose Wfuzz?

Its simple, you should choose it for those reasons: It can brute force HTTP password, it has multiple proxy support, it can inject via multiple points and post headers and authentication data using brute force.

Each of the mentioned tools are great and helpful in password hacking, a real hacker must try them all and then choose a favorite tool to use in his next password hacking attacks because every tool is special in a different way and even if they seem to do the same things, if you give some time to try and analyze each of them you will see that they are different from each other even if the main idea is practically the same, they were all created to do the same thing: Investing in your person is the best kind of investment you could ever make and thats because you are always gaining something that you can lose after a period of time, you gain experience and you exercise your brain at the highest levels by trying every new feature and exploring it, by making new connections and creating new solutions.

Also, a hacker knows mostly everything about all the types of hacking so he prefer quality over quantity and is always investing in new high staple software that he cant wait to explore , find the software weakness and make it even higher quality than before because evolution is infinite.

Computer Hacking The penultimate type of hacking is represented by Computer hacking which is a type of hacking used by hackers to get access to another persons computer and control it without the owner permission and there are few operations performed on the hacked computer like collecting material or using it to chat and even access some sensitive files on that computer.

Computer hacking is about changing the hardware and software on the hacked computer, reports show that most of the computer hackers are teenagers and very young adults but there are as well old aged hackers, as any other hacking type, computer hacking is considered by hackers a form of art and it not an opportunity to bother others as many people see, in fact, computer hacking is a chance for hackers to prove their abilities and skills. There are famous computer hackers and we should thank them every day for their realizations because if they werent maybe the technology nowadays wont be at this point, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson worked early in the 70s to create the UNIX operating which highly affected the development of Linux and they were tagged as former hackers.

Another important computer hacker is Shawn Fanning who created Napster. There are three methods to hack a computer and the first one is called Hacking Logins, the second one Remote hacks and the third one is about hacking Wi-Fi.

There are few steps to follow in every case. We are going to start with the first method of computer hacking, so the first step is to open your computer and boot it in the safe mode and after doing this wait a couple of seconds until the computer is open, when its open in the safe mode please click on Start button and select run after that try to write in control userpasswords2 and change passwords for any other account if there are multiple accounts and at the end of the process dont forget to restart the fresh hacked computer.

The second method is used to hack remotes and the first step in following this method of computer hacking is downloading and installing the LogMeIn software, they will give you a free limited version, this program should be downloaded on the computer you intend to remotely view. You have to make an account on the LogMeIn website to use the free program. When you already own an account on the website, log in and go to the My Computers page in case if it doesnt open automatically after logging in.

The next step is searching for Add computer, click on this button and put there the information of the computer you intend to access and the computer should be added automatically. Check if the computer name is added and click on it if it is there, if not then repeat the below step.

For the next step you will have to know the username and the password of the computer in order to log on it and view the account you want to access and after that select the Remote Control option and log out the website once you satisfied. Computer hackers use another method to get access to your computer and use it. The whole process is realized if hackers know your personal Internet Protocol which is totally unique and any hacker can contact your computer if they know your IP.

The first step in this case is downloading and installing Nmap, a tool used for port scanning and after you have got the Nmap installed you should search by scan option a local computer and after you did this please scan your individual target, after the scan you should notice the open ports.

The last step after scanning is banner grabbing and here you can use the regular ol telnet client, Telnet has Linux and most Windows distributions: Hackers are creative minds and love to solve problems, one hacker asked himself if there would be no problems and he ended up concluding that he would commit suicide, hacking is so addictive, once you get it right, you never leave it.

A massive computer hack was made by Anonymous in when they broke into the Syrian Leaders account and accessed more than 78 inboxes of the presidents personal and made it public and accessible to any person. According to the official sources, the hackers group didnt need a lot of effort to break the email because the presidents password is number two weakest password in the world on an official top, his password was and it was associated with a couple of his accounts not only the official one, while the country was on fire, hot news appeared due to the Anonymous group of hackers.

As a real hacker, you should act with responsibility and never forget to assume everything you do, even if we are talking about white hat hacking or black hat hacking, both of them request a mature creative mind, not only a creative mind because little children have also creative minds, but they dont became hackers in the most of the cases. Hackers dont want only to hack your computer, they are doing it because they want to get deeply in your life, so they decide to spy on you by hacking your computer.

Due to the computer technology spying is not anymore an action that could be performed only by agencies and organizations like CIA, NSA, and KGB because you can do it too if you are a dedicated and motivated hacker. This book is going to tell you how to transform any computer into a listening device. Start by installing Kali and after that continue by firing it up, you should be able to discredit the computer wanted in order to convert it into a listening device. After doing this, make sure you are compromising the Remote Computer and one of the greatest way to do it is by sending the computer an email that will get the wanted click on a link or document and inside the document you should embed a listener that will enable you to turn on the microphone on the target computer and collect all the conversations that are made around the computer.

To make sure you gain your victims attention please select an interesting and exciting subject that would attract the victim immediately, your main goal is earning that magic click. You should associate this process with a little bit of social engineering because in most of the cases, hackers know their victims and their weakness so take full benefit and if its your business rival then send him an excel or access document, anything the victim might make put interest in.

Hackers are just too smart and busy with their stuff and thats why they would never listen to foreign conversations between unknown people. This module creates a malicious RIF file that when opened in vulnerable versions of Microsoft Word will lead to code execution. The flaw exists in how a list override count field can be modified to treat one structure as another.

This bug was originally seen being exploited in the wild starting April This module was created by reversing a public malware sample. After that, create the file you want to send and then set the payload right in the document by sending the payload to meterpreter because it let you control the hacked system.

The next step is setting up LHOST with your own IP address because it is helping you to get notified when the system is used by your victim, end this step by writing exploit.

Hm... Are You a Human?

This will create a file that places the meterpreter on the victims system. Once you created your malicious file send it to your victim and wait until its opened by the victim on their system. After the victim open the document she is going to pass a meterpreter session. The worst part about this method is that is taking a huge amount of memory, so make sure you prepare your hardware for the operation as well.

And because hackers are helping technology to go on, there are persons who take care of the hackers, so they created many sites where the old hackers can exercise their skills and beginners to learn few things about hacking.

This kind of websites are very helpful and you can learn really good stuff at Hacking Tutorial, Evilzone hacking forums, Hack a Day, Hack in the box or Hack this site!

Computer hacking has its legal limits too, its ok to do what you like and try everything in that domain until you are in prison, so while hacking adrenaline is freaking you out dont forget that there are people who cant wait to judge your actions. The problems you will meet in hacking are actually a reflection of real problems in the real life, and real problems in life should be treated with full seriousness, attention, responsibility and a lot of knowledge, its the same procedure in case of hacking, you cant hack just for fun for a long period of time because by doing it you increase your chances to get a free trial in the federal prison and this would be unlikable to any hacker because without freedom you cant do your stuff, you cant access your materials and some people are controlling your life, so take care to NOT arrive at that point.

Online Banking Hacking After you learned about different types of hacking, there is a last one to take in consideration and that type of hacking is called Internet Banking Hacking and its considered a cyber crime in the most countries of the world.

In the last years, internet banking has become a feature used by a big number of people and it has its advantages, but the main disadvantage is that once hackers get into this type of hacking all the money are lost. Authorities and expert analyses estimate that in the future years the cases of online banking hacking will take a considerable growth.

Online banking exists since and new methods to hack online bank accounts are appearing everyday. This book will tell you the fundamental methods used in online banking hacking since it appeared. The first method you can choose for hacking an online bank account is phishing, the number of this kind of attacks are growing in the last years against banking systems, to hack the victim you should use social engineering techniques as well.

Hackers hide under a bank identity and make their new identity look as real as possible pretending to belong to the bank, malicious emails, advertisements and emails are the top secret in getting into someones bank account without their permission or knowledge. You should adopt the typical phishing scheme and try to collect as much information as you can about your victim, before anything else you should know their email address and if the victim uses this address for online banking but dont worry, most of the people do it because its a little bit too complicated to work on couple emails at a time and people who choose internet banking are usually busy and they dont have time to follow more than an email address.

So, after you have got the email address, send any email that can get your victims attention by opening that email, the content of the email can be something interesting or in this case its better to guide your victim though a link to a specialized website that will ask for financial data and security details, those kind of websites are specially designed to look like an official bank account, but is definitely not the original one, those infected websites are designed identical to the original ones.

Your email should make the victim click on a link which will guide your victim to a website which perfectly replicates a bank site. Hackers also include in the email attachments which contain the link to the fake website and once opened it has the same effect. Phishing emails should take the official form of notifications and emails of the banks, organizations or e-payment systems, those kinds of messages request your victims sensitive information that will help you reach your goal.

Malware specially designed for online banking hacking exist! McAfee has published a report on phishing which indicates that hackers arent.

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Hackers attempt to every sector by phishing it. Hackers are interested in predominantly banking, e-payment systems, e-auctions and generally in hacking big financial organizations around the globe.

Phishers are focused on breaking into hosting providers and they succeed in most of the cases, hackers disgracing servers and update their own configuration in order to display phishing pages from a private subdirectory of each domain that the machine host. Dont forget to protect yourself even if you are trying to hack online accounts, with a little lack of attention you can loose everything as well as your victims. Dont divulge your Internet Protocol, read carefully every email and dont click unless you are sure, ask and request more information always in order to keep protected.

The second method used by hackers to break into online banking accounts is called Watering Hole and specialists define it as an evolution of phishing attacks. By choosing this option hackers are injecting malicious codes onto a public website visited by a small and standard group of people.

In Watering Hole attack, hackers wait for target people to visit the hacked website and they are not inviting their victims to do it, they are only waiting for them to visit the website.

Hackers are compromising websites using this method that arent updated and configured very frequent because they are easily to hack than an updated website, usually hackers are using the exploit kits they find on the black square. Pro hackers hack the website at least six months before they attack it.

This method is very efficient because hackers and websites can be located very hard comparatively to phishing attacks. After the attacks hackers keep in touch with the website to make sure that everything is going in the direction they want to. In , hackers used this method to hack a regional bank in Massachusetts.

The operation was successful due to the JavaScript elements on both sites, the bank in Massachusetts and the local government that was under Washington DC suburbs: An interruption of their. Hackers consider this method a solution for the problems that authorities and security services and systems give them, and because they love to solve problems, they found an innovative solution in this case as well. Researches show that most of the hackers make money online using this method and a lot of them are still undetected.

Hackers have a lot of ideas and they are really good, their ideas reflect in their solutions and thats how Pharming and Credit Card Redirection hack method was born. This method consists in hijacking a banks URL and when the customers access it they are automatically guided to another site which is identical to the original website.

This method of hacking is a little bit more difficult than the other two methods, but not impossible. You can technically make it with one of the next techniques: Hackers attack the DNS server by exploring vulnerabilities in the DNS software, which make the server to give an error because it will incorrectly validate the DNS response.

The server will redirect people to another site because it will catch wrong all the entries. Usually, the server which will host the victims is managed and controlled by hackers in order to give the customers malware. Hackers can even attack customers if they provide the hackers their IP. Hosts File Modification Hosts file is used by hackers to direct the customers on any website under their control. A new technique is Credit card redirection which is used on disgraceful ecommerce websites to let the hackers get the sensitive information they need.

This technique is not hacking the customer directly, after the victim pays using the card, the hacker modify the flow of the operation and all the money are redirected to them and most of the attacks are made on websites that offer e-commerce services.

Hackers also break into a victims account by changing the credit card processing file. Another type of attacks used in online banking hacking is called Malware based attacks and they are classified as the most dangerous attacks on the internet. There are many malicious categories but in general they are designed to hit the online financial business. Security community considers Zeus, Carberp and Spyeye are considered the most dangerous of all.

Zeus is in fact a Trojan horse which best works on all the versions of Windows, it was first discovered in when hackers use it to obtain illegally information about US Department of Transportation, its the oldest one from those three and even NASA got hacked in using Zeus.

MIITB is maybe the most efficient method used by hackers in internet banking where the ones who want to attack combine social engineering with malware which is infecting the browser of the victim. It mostly hide under the form of BHO Browser Helper Object , attacks are based on proxies which infect the browser of the customer exploring its weakness on the victims device.

Malicious codes are able to change the content of an online transaction between the bank and the customer. Specialists consider that nine million phishing emails with Zeus were sent in HoT- Hand on Thief is another Trojan specially designed to hack online banking, it was created to hit the Linux and Mac systems which demonstrated to be immune to malware. Authorities say that it was created in Russia and its available to download on some Russian underground forums, its capable of infecting the victims and stealing sensitive information from their machines.

DDoS attacks are also used to hack internet banking. In case of online banking hacking, hackers are helped by volunteers that participate in the operation, a botnet is easier to detect and volunteers can block the whole process of detecting. The fundamental types of DDoS attacks: The ones based on volume VBA- the hacker is making an inundation with big quantity of data on the site.

Protocol Attacks PA- when the hackers are trying to imbue the target servers by exploiting network protocol failures. Layer Seven Attacks- created to exhaust the resource limits when hackers make inundations with huge amounts of HTTP requests that saturate a targets resources. DDoS attacks are also used as a deflection to hide the results of an attack that is ongoing.

Using the methods from above, hackers can get money and they are also called criminal cyber if they do this activity illegally, they can hack an ultimate number of account and banks until they are discovered, if they are ever discovered. Now more than ever, hackers dont focus only on computers, they also take in consideration hacking the mobile phones which are today such an result of great ideas combined with hard work, since the phones are smart phones they allow you to do any kind of operation you want or need and they are way more used nowadays than computers, a lot of people use their smart phone to pay bills online or to do transactions online via internet banking services all around the world and thats why hackers are focusing also on smart phones and hacking their systems in order to reach a new goal or just to give themselves new challenges.

A research done in highlights the importance of smart phones and shows us that smart phones are more used nowadays then computers. But do you know how far you should go?! The main problem is that government agents arent making the difference between the two types of hackers, so if you are basically curious to test your skills on a system you can win up to twenty years in prison just like black hat hackers who are spying on the internet, hacking important systems and have evil goals.

Or worst than that, there will be no difference between you and a person who has killed or abused other members of the society. In general, governments arent paying too much attention for hackers, a nightmare for the government is represented by smart hackers who could not be detected and do it just for amusement and because they are passionate, so if you are a black hat hacker you should have intelligence and speed reaction in order to stay under cover forever.

Government carelessness about those who help them sometimes improve their systems is brightly reflecting in the laws that government is imputing no matter in which country on the globe. Lets take as an example United States of America because they are at the moment the biggest political, economical and social power in the world.

In United States of America there are many laws that are banning hacking just like 18 U. The language of the law is incomplete and unfair because it is making reference only to creating and using a machine with a bad intention, but it does not make any specification about testing, learning and understanding systems.

If we take a closer look to the laws, we can also find another interesting law in U. S Department of Justice which is 18 U. The law is considered broken even if the hacker only entered the system without doing anything else. There is a big range of penalties going from big considerable fins to years to spend in the jail. Officials consider that minor hacking actions deserve punishment starting with six months while bigger actions of hacking and attacks can take up to twenty years in prison, they mainly focus on the damages made by the hacker but does not anyone think about the money spent on the hackers life in prison?

Lets analyze another country, lets take as an example a European country like Germany Deutschland which has similar laws in comparison with USA. There is a law in Germany that is banning even possession of hacking tools and even if you.

The nation is complaining about this law because many applications fall under the definition of hacking tools and it is an infraction under this law if organizations or companies hire some hackers to check their system weakness and flaws. Believe it or not, Germany has adopted a new law in which is going way too far because even if you go in a computer stole and ask the seller to give you a computer because you want to start hacking even if you are kidding you will get arrested if officials hear about your joke, more than that, if the you will download the computer from the seller he will be arrested too, dont joke too much if you go to Germany, you never know when you could be considered wrong.

Traveling to Africa, the situation is a little bit more different, in Saudi Arabia for example its considered a law deviation if you have a false name in a hacking operation according to Article 4 of their Basic Law of Governance.

Another law going too far in the same country is about assisting to such an operation and not telling the officials about the operation; even if you are watching your friend how he is testing a system and you arent telling the officials about it its considered a cyber crime.

Taking a look at the situation in Asia, laws are a little bit too permissive in China and maybe thats why they are in the first place at hacking in the world but official sources say that the situation will change in the future because the government is taking care of this problem and they are formulating new measures for hacking and its adepts.

Before deciding to test systems, make sure you have fully read and understood all the laws about hacking in your country, be careful all the time about what are you saying and to whom you are saying. Legality offers you as a gift your freedom, this gift is very precious and it is even more precious than your passion because those two things go hand by hand, you cannot take full advantage of your passion in prison where most likely if youre a hacker they will ban access to a computer in your case.

Give a special attention to the laws, because even if you think that they are very unfair you cannot avoid them and in the end you are under your countrys laws so please make sure you will not break them. Hacking operations are a sensible subject for every country and the big problem in the world is that people who make the laws are not in knowledge of everything about a domain and thats why sometimes we are supposed to respect laws that are making no sense.

Everything we make has an effect but sometimes we do not notice the effect or even realize there is going to be an effect, but some of us simply ignore the effects of their actions. Hacking has its effects too as any other action; there are effects on individuals, organizations and on society in general. Lets see the effects on every level starting with the effects of hacking on an organization. It depends of course on the hackers goal but generally hacking is big companies and organizations worst enemies because they can cause huge damages into their economy.

For example, in United Kingdom has paid due to computer hacking billions of pounds in order to solve their problems. Richard Power says that due one hacking session companies and organizations can pay up to seven million dollar in one single day.

The Hacking Bible - Kevin James

Despite the financial side, there is an effect on the organizations and companies information; most of the hackers search instead of cash money some valuable information such as plans, researches, strategies and reports.

Online databases can be a hackers goal as well as reports, they might want to obtain addresses, phone numbers or emails, such an attack on a small company would cost them more than the company itself. Some hackers try to affect the organizational structure of a company by modifying it or stealing from it the elements they want to but this kind of attack is really difficult to realize because most of the companies employ specialized IT teams that are always working on updating, creating and civilizing security systems to prevent hacking.

Hacking affects also the computer and technology industry but the industry may take benefit from hacking if they know how to redirect the situation in their favor. Private companies which are specializing on creating security systems may use hacking as a key to their success. More than that, companies prefer prevention not cure so they might invest huge quantities of money on security systems and why not hardware because there are hacks which can be possible only modifying the hardware.

Once we know the effects on this level, we can move to another level which will be hacking effects on society. Only an example of hacking can get society crazy and make its members spend big money on better software, which is not a bad thing because a better software means always a better life.

Hacking is causing money loss here as well because society members arent always good informed about malware and what could malware do so they are happy when they receive an email that is promising them millions of dollars if they gave their personal information.

Social engineering is affecting this category in a very intense mode because malware and social engineering are like the relationship between your hands and your eyes when you are crying; you always remove your tears with your hands. So, hackers are responsible both for excellent and awful effects on the society. As an effect of White Hat hackers we own basics such as the Free Software Foundation that have finished it possible for computer adepts to exercise, learn, copy, adjust, and reorganize computer programs without paying for it.

Grey Hat hackers have also had helpful impacts on society by running to find vulnerabilities in traditional software products with the intentions of notifying the creators and designers so they can secure the troubles before a Black Hat hacker can come along and develop the error.

The society got affected in when a cyberterrror movement was started by a group of hackers named El8 against a white hackers group known as Project Mayhem. The campaigns goal was causing a chaos around the globe by destroying the infrastructure of security systems manufacturing. This is not everything, there is one more effect and that effect is on individuals.

Hackers can loose everything starting from their life funds and transform their financial situation by bringing it underground. As a hacker you have to work with people and invest a lot of time in this by listening to everyones problems and trying to solve them, the problem is not this, the problem is that people do not understand what you are trying to explain because few people have a base in hacking and explaining the situation to them can bring your nerves down.

Another effect gained by hackers is the financial one, only passionate hackers make viruses and discover new techniques to hack for free, the rest are using hacking as a machine to get money because they get information and sell it later or they can create and send viruses specially for money.

Also, by hacking they can risk their freedom and thats the worst thing from all the above. Hacking also has an impact on the computers and it can affect computers in two.

How to Know if Youre Hacked Each one of us can be a victim of someones hack, the first step in saving yourself is knowing that you are hacked and after that go to a specialist to make sure that your problem exist and to find a solution as fast as possible.

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But how do you know you have been hacked? The first part: Observe the marks of a possible hack by following the next steps: Who knows your computer better than you do? No one, so please take a close general look and spot if there is something that goes wrong such as your computer speed, files loss, the computer is not recognizing your password and you cannot open programs, surprise!

Some programs you didnt install, its connecting to the internet automatically even if you did not activate this option, files have suffered changes and if you have a printer it way act strangely. You can turn suspicious and get worried if there are multiple toolbars on your browser, this is an important sign that you have been hacked also if your antivirus software is not working and if you receive fake virus messages you might be hacked.

Visible signs of hacking are some bills you get without downloading anything and check your sent section in the email to see if there are some emails sent except the ones you sent, sometimes the fake emails do not appear on the victims screen but to make sure call a friend and ask for the last email send by you or any strange email received from you. Google yourself! This helps a lot in finding out if you are hacked, see if there are any too personal information that you have not made public.

The second part: So, right now you are fully under mission and you should pay more attention from now on, to continue start up your computer and boot it in safe mode make sure it is disconnected completely and use safe mode from your computer to reopen it.

After that, take a close look and check for any new programs like anti-spayware or anti-virus and its recommended to check if your programs and files refuse to open. If you are finding new strange programs you did not install, uninstall it but. The next step you should follow is scanning your computer, do a sweep using an anti-virus like Avira, AVG or Avast and dont forget to request help if you are unsure about this.

If the test ends up with nothing please back up the files you consider important and after that do a complete system restore and make sure you get the latest updates. If you have been an online banking hacking victim, take your phone and alert the bank! Contact them to explain the situation and to store your accounts, a good idea is to request some advices for the future about funds protection.

And the last step is to alert all the people that have your email and let them know about your problem but do not give too personal details, make sure you clearly explain what is hiding behind the emails from you and make them delete the email and to not follow any links or suspicious material, ask them if they already did it and if they did it help them protect their computer and act in the way you just acted in your case, lets give help if we can.

Some people live their whole life without knowing they are hacked, and most of them do not even care about this aspect because they are not giving their devices attention and they really do not care about them only if they can hit them, which is very possible to happen because most of them put important and personal stuff on their machine such as business documents, personal photos, personal videos and sensitive data in general which they want to keep private but once they are hacked all those data can be shared with the public.

Remember that everything could get hacked; this is the main reason why we should invest in quality software and pay a special kind of attention to all of our devices, if anything is going strange with your device even if it is a printer, computer, phone or tablet please take the right attitude and if you do not know how to do the steps from above, take your device to the closest center that offers support to devices which work electronically, it is better to pay a sum of money than losing everything.

The method presented will not take you too long to save your computers life but, in the end, every person is free to build their life as they want by choosing what they want. Do not let other control your life by controlling your computer, even if the hacked computer works pretty good you should to your best in order to lose connection with your hacker.

Some hackers use professional and sophisticated systems and if they want to infect something, in most of the cases they will make the hack look like it is a part of your system. Sophisticated systems allow hackers use the best malware that embeds itself in the hacked system and the hacked system will not be able to detect it or even to remove it.

If hackers get more professional, you must do it and this book is going to present another method, a little bit more complicated that will help you to know if you are. Hackers who prefer sophisticated methods to hack want to create a botnet which is a network of compromised machines managed by them; a botnet can have only a command center. To get rid of this kind of hacks, kindly follow the next steps: Make sure you have a good quality anti-virus, anti-malware software which can detect all kinds of viruses and malware like Trojans, worms, keyloggers and rootkits, because there are coming up everyday new versions of malware and they might not be recognized, but try to get the latest versions of anti-virus and antimalware because it is better.

So, run your anti-virus software and start doing active sessions of scanning. Next, see what is going on with your Task Manager, it is the first thing you have to check if you are suspicious about being hacked. After you open Task Manager select by clicking the option Processes and a window is supposed to show up, check your CPU Usage at the bottom of the window and if the CPU is too high something is going on your machine without your permission. Move to the next step in order to continue the process and check your systems integrity in Windows because once you know that there is something on your system you should try to identify it as well.

Microsoft has built a system integrity checker into Windows known as sfc. Microsoft Windows [Version 6. All rights reserved. Beginning verification phase of system scan. Some of the malicious family cant be detected with Netstat but you should try it because some versions are detectable and you never know what is under your possession. Install Wireshark program which can help you in checking the internet connections which is a utility that identifies everything that is getting in and out the computer.

It is less possible to be controlled by the malware because compared to Netstat this is not a Windows tool. After you install it open it and let it spot all the packets that are traveling in and out your system. Hackers use high number ports when they are manipulating so search for ports between and It will appear on one of those ports if you have malicious stuff in your computer, checking traffic that leave your system is also a good idea.

To see the traffic from your system create a filter in Wireshark by writing it in the filter menu, type this after ip. The filter created is going to show you traffic only from your system and thats why your IP is requested.

Write into your filters window this ip. After this please click on Apply button and look for unusual traffic the malicious one and if you detect something unusual please contact a specialist in order to help you as fast as you can do it, malicious files are so hard to find because hackers all over the world create new versions almost every hour while viruses are not that easy to make and this is the main reason why malicious family hits more often than ever, because it is so diverse.

Systems as Linux and OS are even more complicated and you need to be a master in the domain in order to discover that they are infected with something but the main advantage with those systems is that they are immune to most types of attacks, but not to all types. Even if this method is a little bit harder than the other one presented it is very efficient and worth to try. How to protect Yourself From Hacking Prevention is literally always better than cure, it is better to avoid an unwanted situation and everyone can do it with a little bit of attention and it might request an investment, but always remember that cure prices are higher than investments.

Why not keep your body healthy by making an investment in some vitamins instead of getting ill and pay a lot of money, physical and psychical effort? You can avoid a lot of things. Protecting your computer from all types of hacking is very important for you and for your system but few are those who know how to do it and their number is decreasing A high number of attacks make the internet to look like it is holding a horror movie story nowadays due to the big numbers of cyber criminals and their attacks, keeping your device healthy is crucial in the battle against hacking.

Parents are advising you because they want you to be happy, this book has the same task. Make sure that your computer is not a magnet to hackers due to its vulnerabilities and always check on new updates and install them, dont wait too much because hackers are always ready. The first things you should take attitude and protect your computer from are viruses; there are several ways to categorize viruses and each one comes with its own names.

There are macroviruses, worms, backdoors and Trojans are the best known and experienced at the moment. These viruses multiply over the internet and malicious websites or other sources to infect the computer.

Others spread though devices that are allowing you to write information and reading in such as USB memory sticks and external hard drives. Viruses have three main functions: Hackers can also use your computer as a hacking machine by infecting it with viruses but luckily there are many tools that help you keep the situation under control. Anti-virus software highly respected and appreciated by experts is Avast which has a regular set of updates and it is easy to use due to its design.

Some useful tips below to increase your AVs yield: Install only a software. Make sure your AV software updates automatically, this will take worries away. Ensure that your software accepts updates. Check your computers situation at least once a week. Make sure that the software is always running. How to avoid infections? Be very careful about what files you choose to open and download from the internet, it is recommended to delete immediately files from unknown people or organizations after you receive them.

Risks are at every step, so take them in consideration before you burn a CD or run a USB stick into your computer. Make sure again that your AV software is running before you insert them. Virus creators do not usually target free and open source software and you can avoid some infections by switching to this kind of software.

Spyware is another thing you should be aware of. Spyware is belonging to malicious software family and it is used by hackers to track your work and to allow them get the information they want from you. This software is capable of recording your mouse movements; collect the words you write, the pages you enter and the programs that belong to you. As an effect of the previous actions, hackers can break your security and gain personal data about you and in some cases about your contacts as well.

Machines become infected with spyware in the same way they get infected with viruses. Review your browsers settings and make sure they are secure. Anti-Spyware tools are very welcomed to protect your computer and Spybot is what you need because it is capable of identifying and removing known types of malware. Prevent this type of infections by following the next steps: Read everything that shows up in your face carefully before clicking ok or yes.

Never accept to run content from unbelievable sources. Getting a firewall is also important because it is the first program that knows the incoming information from the internet and the last one to control outgoing data as well. With a firewall you do not have to pay attention to the incoming and outgoing information is not important anymore.

A high quality firewall will ask for your permission for each program on your machine.

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When one of your programs is trying to contact the outside world your firewall will alert you and ask you if you trust it. In this war between hackers and non hackers such a firewall could be used as your front of defense. To avoid untrusted network connections you should: Install on your machine only the programs you need and download them right with their license.

Do not give your passwords to anyone.

If you do not need an internet connection please disconnect your machine. Shut down your computer at night. Ensure that all the computers which belong to your network have a firewall. Get an easy-to-use firewall. Keeping your computer up-to-date is very important for your security, you should update everything on your computer starting from your operating system and ending with the programs you use. Updates are required regularly on every software.

Try out them to any propriety software used by you; pay extra attention to unlicensed programs. These tools are built by experts who belong to non-profit organizations or companies which update them frequently free of charge.

And remember, prevention is better than cure! Those are not the only ways to prevent attacks; life is full of options at every point of it so protection is as well full of options at every point.

In order to increase your systems security you can follow the next advices but keep in your mind that everything is possible and that there is not any hardware or software which is impossible to hack. A strong password is one of the first steps you should make in following your road to protection because it helps on securing your information.

It is recommended to repeat combinations of random alpha-numeric characters such as numbers, symbols and letters that will be more than eleven characters. To reduce the risk, please use a password manager. Even if your password is one of the most secured in the world do not forget to pay extra amount of attention to the websites you visit. Two-Factor Authentication is very important and they have a positive effect on you. Websites and companies which respect their customers and services will provide such an option.

Lets take as an example Twitter, if you have a twitter account and you try to log in from an unknown device, after typing the password they send you a message on your phone with a verification code you should enter in order to access your twitter account.

Such options alert the users exactly when someone tries to get into their account. This option is used also by Apple, Microsoft, Google and Dropbox. To get full advantage of this option set up your settings carefully.

Never back up sensitive information on your phone using the internet, just. Keep sensitive documents and images of all external servers which mean you will not allow applications like iCloud or Flickr and others to automatically upload information to their storage. And to resolve this problem create an external drive which you will only access when you are not connected to the internet and keep the sensitive data there.

Also, you should not link accounts because hackers can take full advantage of this action and compromise everything that belongs to you by proxy. Nowadays, it is really to keep accounts far from each other due to social media which had a strong impact on society. Check which applications you have linked in the past with your social media accounts and remove them if you are not using them.

Choosing a hard-to-guess security question might save you from being a hacking victim as well, but in the century of social media websites where every person is sharing everything is not making sense for them, but for those who are a little bit mysterious and keep their personal details away from people might be a solution.

Even if you are extroverted and you share everything about you, answering with stupidity might increase your security level. Dont forget to protect all your devices with passwords. It is a must to do when you get a new device such as a phone or tablet, you should secure it with a good password.

Changing your passwords often is also an idea to take in consideration due to the daily discoveries of the hackers. By giving importance to your devices you also give importance to the contacts that are stuck in there. If you have a domain name you can choose to privatize your website because once you have a domain name there are big chances to access your data without effort. Privatize your domain registration by going to the usually used domain registration site, log in and search for the option that allows you to privatize your data and if this option seems to be hard to find or inexistent please contact the site and let them guide you though the procedure.

This option might request fees but it is definitely worth it. Clearing your browser data is also an action you should often do and not only on your computer, on all the devices which are under your possession. Browsers keep everything about your online activity and collect records of every site you have visited, data such as what you download or send can be stocked for weeks and the hackers take full advantage of this by stealing your records of online activity.

Try to avoid public computers because hackers use them to challenge their selves often and you should keep out of their game. Using hyper-text transfer protocol secure. HTTPS is giving you an extra level of security and encryption when you are using the internet, the data is also validate which means that HTTPS can show you if the website is either fake or original.

Free Wireless access is nice and helpful, but check twice the connection you. Be careful which connections you choose, some hackers specially make ones for their future victims, if you really need free Wi-Fi more than anything then make sure you are connecting to a serious source.Secunia PSI is an example of software.

Dont forget to protect all your devices with passwords. Security bugs are the most severe type of bugs and can allow attackers to bypass user authentication. Even without booting. The nation is complaining about this law because many applications fall under the definition of hacking tools and it is an infraction under this law if organizations or companies hire some hackers to check their system weakness and flaws.